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Experience a culture focused on the resources that lift our businesses and each other. Like supportive brokers with relevant field insight. Values that make a difference in our communities. Global exposure and connections with industry experts. And talented agents who will inspire you to work toward greatness.

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Feel What It’s Like to Be Set Up to Sell

As a RE/MAX agent, you’ll feel what it’s like to be set up to sell. In-market broker support, a big brand, training and education, a deep referral database, user-friendly tools – if it’s on your wish list, RE/MAX likely has it.

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Where Kind People Thrive

RE/MAX agents know real estate is as much about helping people as it is about selling homes. You’ll help people navigate one of the largest transactions they’ll ever make, but it goes deeper than that. RE/MAX agents give back to their local communities, getting involved in more ways than one. Simply put, if you have a big heart, you’ve found the right place.

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Your Big Goal Deserves a Big Brand

When it comes to building your personal brand, the sky’s the limit. You’ll be empowered by fully integrated technology, expert guidance and progressive ideas to help you find sustainable, entrepreneurial success.

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Productivity is Inspiring

At RE/MAX, you’ll walk among top producers. You’ll learn faster. You’ll strive for more. You’ll find yourself serving clients with a fresh perspective.

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The Power of a Global Network

And you’ll do it with the backing of the brand that’s #1 in brand awareness*. So when people watch a RE/MAX commercial, click an ad online or see a billboard, they’ll think of you – the agent they know. All the visibility, credibility and trust built by the big brand RE/MAX invests in becomes yours.

*Source: MMR Strategy Group study of unaided awareness.

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Are you an experienced real estate agent looking to join a new brokerage, or a new agent seeking a supportive environment to kickstart your career? RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group is the perfect place for you. Located in the heart of Port Coquitlam, BC, our brokerage offers an exceptional platform for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to thrive in the dynamic real estate market.

At RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group, we understand the importance of a strong support system. Our brokerage is committed to providing comprehensive training programs and continuous professional development opportunities. New agents can benefit from our mentorship programs, which pair them with experienced agents to guide them through the intricacies of the industry. Our seasoned agents also gain access to cutting-edge tools and resources that enhance their ability to serve clients effectively.

One of the standout features of RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group is our robust marketing support. We leverage the power of RE/MAX's global brand recognition to provide unparalleled exposure for our agents and their listings. Our marketing team employs advanced SEO strategies, social media campaigns, and professional photography to ensure maximum visibility and attract potential buyers and sellers. This comprehensive approach not only enhances our agents' online presence but also helps them build a strong, recognizable brand.

In addition to marketing support, we offer state-of-the-art technology solutions. Our brokerage provides access to a user-friendly CRM system, virtual tour software, and online transaction management platforms, making it easier for agents to manage their workload efficiently. These tools enable our agents to focus more on client relationships and less on administrative tasks.

Furthermore, RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment. We believe in the power of teamwork and encourage our agents to share knowledge and experiences. Our regular team meetings, networking events, and social gatherings create a sense of community and camaraderie, making our brokerage a great place to work.

Join RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group and take advantage of our comprehensive support, advanced technology, and collaborative culture. Elevate your real estate career with us and become part of a dynamic team dedicated to success.

For more information, visit RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group.